the next evolution…

find your style at Anthonys Fashion

2015 brings with it many changes for Anthonys, a rebranded logo, an expanded store space, and web shopping. The expanded store space also gave us an opportunity that many of our clients wives and girlfriends had been asking of us for many years, do what you do for men, but for women.

Starting in the fall of 2015 Anthonys Fashion for Men rebranded and became ‘Anthonys Fashion’. Now, we are not just a menswear store, but a peoples-wear store. Using the successful formula from mens as a guide, we have happily expanded our space and product to include a sophisticated womens collection that will cater to fashion conscious women of any age.

The collection is made up with pieces from lines like Selected Femme, Surkana, Adiktd, Yest, UP!, BecxyB, and Bobbi Black. It has a chic, stylish, and classy look for all shapes and sizes. From casual to business to formal, women can now come and shop and enjoy a different shopping experience.

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